Saturday, December 17, 2016

✹ Best brake repair car kits review- Which Pads Are Best?


Powerbuilt 640579 Seven-Piece Driveum Brake Repair Kit

 in stock 

  • Made to be the most reliable tools in the market today
  • Tool solutions for most all situations
  • Built to exceed tool standards
  • Includes tools and step-by-step instructions for basic drum brake maintenance
  • Kit includes: 2 return spring tools; starwheel adjuster spoon; 3 retaining spring tools
  • Durable plastic storage case               


18Pc Brake Caliper Wind Back Piston Rewind Tool Kit Complete set of hand tools

In Stock.

  • Professional wind back tool set for professional or occasional use.
  • Universal 18pcs brake piston wind back kit.
  • Suitable for push / wind back brake pistons.
  • Includes left and right handed thrust bolt assemblies making it suitable for virtually all cars.
  • Precision made adapter plates with thrust bolt assembly helps prevent damage to the seals, piston and boot.               


Wheel table kit OPTION parts brake rotor wind board 260 * 6.0

In stock.

  • Please see the image ?Ç?.
  • suggested retail price will have to display the postage price.               


Wagner H2644 Drum Brake Self Adjuster Repair Kit, Rear Left

In Stock.
  • Maintains proper movement for safe, effective stopping performance
  • Helps deliver a quieter braking system
  • Produces smoother pedal travel
  • Provides longer brake life and performance
  • Install Wagner with total confidence               


Dorman D352116 Brake Caliper Repair Kit

in stock 
  • Direct replacement Kit contains new bushings and seals for calipers
  • Application specific               

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