Thursday, December 15, 2016

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Bell Automotive 22-5-08800-M Monkey Grip Tubeless Repair String, 30 Pieces

In Stock.
  • Package of 30 black repair plugs
  • 4 inch long plugs
  • Great for filling your toolbox with extra plugs
  • Refill your auto, truck, or ATV repair kits as needed
  • May ship in Monkey Grip or Bell packaging       

Monkey Grip Tubeless Tire Heavy Duty Plug Refill Kit

In stock.
  • Heavy-Dut Brown Plug Refill Kit
  • Includes 5 Brown 4" Repair Plugs & 3/8 OZ Rubber Cement
  • For tubeless tires only               

[Pack of 50] Tire Repair Strings - TKOOFN Automotive Tool Tire Repair Plug for Tubeless Off-road Tires Car, Bike, ATV, UTV, Wheelbarrow, Mower - M05007

In stock.
  • Tire repair made easy
  • A puncture repair tool for tubeless tyre
  • The strong repair strings insure a reliable repair
  • Easily repair punctures without removing the tire from the rim

Bell Automotive 22-5-08036-M Monkey Grip 2-1/4" Medium Radial Tire Repair Patch, Pack of 30

in stock.
  • 2.25 inch diameter
  • Universal repair
  • 30 patches per box
  • Refill patches for commercial tire and rubber repairs
  • May ship in Monkey Grip, Bell, or Victor packaging               

Bell Automotive 22-5-01280-M Monkey Grip Tire Repair Toolbox Kit

In stock.
  • basic tire repair
  • Includes plug repair kit, patch repair kit, and tire gauge
  • Also includes valve cores and valve caps to keep tires safe
  • Comes in a convenient plastic storage case
  • Perfect for on the go repairs               

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