Saturday, December 17, 2016

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Arcan XL20 Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack - 2 Ton Capacity

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  • Compact design with all the versatility of a full size jack
  • Dual pump for rapid lifting
  • Universal joint release mechanism provides precise control
  • Safety valve prevents overloading
  • Complies with the ASME PALD 2009 standard


Acme Automotive A567 Truck Digital Dual Foot Tire Pressure Service Gauge 2-150PSI

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  • Large backlit display is easy to read in both sunlight and low-light conditions
  • Replaceable batteries (LR44 Alkaline)
  • For measuring the air pressure of a car or truck tire from 2-150 PSI, +/- .5 PSI accuracy
  • Four different units of measure (PSI, kPa, BAR, and kgf/cm2)
  • Swivel extension for greater maneuverability in dual wheels, enabling easy checking of tire pressure from any angle               


Gorilla Automotive 21133BC Small Diameter Acorn Black 5 Lug Kit (12mm x 1.50 Thread Size) - Pack of 20

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Gorilla Automotive 91743 Acorn Bulge Chrome Lug Nut and Lock System (14mm x 1.50 Thread Size)

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Gorilla Automotive 20083SD Small Diameter Acorn Open End Chrome 5 Lug Kit (1/2" Thread Size) - Pack of 20

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